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Songs for vbh...

I heard josh's cd for vbh and it was really weak...too much hardcore for here is what I think a real vbh list should go by...I was going to put some Dashboard songs but the thing is any of his albums could be a VBH record...

1.weezer-Pink Triangle
2.Bob Dylan-Don't think twice
3.Ben Folds Five-Song for the dumped
4.Damien Jurado-Tragedy
5.Phantom Planet-Lonely Day
6.Pedro the Lion-Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives
7.Tom Petty-even the losers
8.Beach Boys-wouldn't it be nice
9.weezer-Keep fishin
10.The Cure-Boys don't cry
11.Further seems forever-Just until sundown
12.Fountains of Wayne-Denise
13.Damien Jurado-Love the same
14.Pedro the Lion-Bad Diary Days
15.Counting Crows-Long December

...can anyone beat that...NO!!!!!!...thats what I thought...


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