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I had the urge to do a full write explanation of the motivation behind me starting VBH and why I still subscribe to its theories, but I think I will edit it down for time.

Essentially, VBH was started with a run-in I had with a girl about a year ago. It was short lived due to umm....her being a wack bitch for lack of a better term. I am way too good at getting attached too quickly and got pretty fucked up emotionally over the whole thing.. Looking back over the few romantic type interactions with girls I realized that they had caused me tons of pain. The previously mentioned easy attachment I get had hurt me badly on many occasions.. It is true that I had some good times with one girl several years back, but even that had caused more pain in the long run than it was worth. Essentially I came to the conclusion that girls had really had only one effect on me when it came to past-friendship class relationships and it was breaking my heart. One day I randomly left the "Vaginas Break Hearts" away message up and thus the phrase was born.

I guess I should really note that the "breaking hearts" is not neccesarily something that the females usually do on purpose. There have been many times where I have developed a deep fondness for a girl, but I end up being the farthest thing from her mind. She really didn't do anything bad, but even involuntary rejection still feels like a cold knife in the stomach. Adapting the anti-relationship VBH view allowed me to avoid the heartbreak.

I wish I could say its been an easy battle. There's only one thing I wish for more than a girl to share life with: to never have my heart torn in two anymore. In the end I think I am better of being a little lonely than being completely lonely and rejected.
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